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Physiotherapy is a type of treatment offered to patients in order to improve mobility, restore function, reduce pain and prevent further injury by using a variety of muscles like exercises, stretches and electrotherapy.


Physiotherapy services includes paediatric and geriatric therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, Neurological,Cardiovascular and orthopaedic physical therapy. depending on the reason of the treatment,the benefits of physiotherapy services include pain management, avoid surgery, recovery from stroke or paralysis, recovery from injury or trauma, and improved mobility for prevention.The hospital offers his services through a physiotherapist who uses physical means like mobilizations and also get retro means like TENS, ultrasound and ceragem.

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We are located in Gongo la Mboto area in Ilala - Dar Es Salaam near Mzambarauni bus stop and Mzambarauni Primary School. We serve all customers in Ukonga region and beyond so please contact or visit us if you have any questions.

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The insurance the hospital accepts are NSSF, Jubilee insurance, NHIF, Mo Assurance, GA insurance, Britam, Strategis, Assemble and Ticts.

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